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A World of Power And Women, Turned Upside Down.

The Disappearing of Gensokyo is a Touhou doujin (independently developed) top-down action-RPG game. Set in Gensokyo, the world of Touhou with over a hundred characters, all female, and tons of fan-made content, this roughly Diablo-like title has you dodge projectiles and slay enemies as one of several Touhou characters. But how does it perform, as a Touhou game and as an ARPG?

Of Particular Interest

It's important to discuss how the game differs from its hotly-popular competition, like Diablo. As a Touhou game, it has little story and does not do much to reflect the main series' lore. Among ARPGs it is more unique: character building is lighter, there's a lock-on and minimap to find and see enemies, and enemies fire lots and lots of projectiles. Their hitbox and yours is small, so there are elements of bullet hell, the genre from which Touhou comes. Overall, it should be comfortable to play this game wherever you're from.

And That's What Matters

Players of Diablo or Touhou both can get some enjoyment from this game, though those who only know about Touhou through the characters may end up enjoying the and little else, and players of both will have tons of fun.


  • Easy to get into
  • Unique gameplay among ARPGs


  • Weaker Touhou story elements
  • Sometimes weak bullet hell elements

The Disappearing of Gensokyo for PC

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  • In English
  • V 1.0
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